Privacy Policy

1) Your personal details will remain private and confidential. We will never sell, rent, barter or share your personal details in any way with any other company. All data collected is for our internal use only.

2) We hate spam as much as you do. Actually, I hate it more since we get something like 100-odd junk e-mails each day. If you choose to receive our newsletter, thank you. Clear unsubscribe details are always shown on the newsletter.

3) If you choose not to receive our newsletter, we will only contact you to answer your queries and/or send you your order confirmation.

4) This site does use cookies. However, we do not keep any of your personal details on cookies. We simply store your Customer ID (just a number) in cookie format. This Customer ID does not correlate to any of your personal information. We also store your first name on cookie format to personalise this website. This cookie is only present if you have not registered as a member of our site. If you are a member, then the only cookie that we use is the Customer ID cookie.